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10 Free Ways To Get More YouTube Views

Building a successful YouTube career isn't easy. It's all about building up a loyal fanbase, and that can usually be measured by the number of subscribers and views you have. In order to help you out, we've pooled together 10 of the best free methods of getting more YouTube views. By following these tips, you're guaranteed to have a successful career on YouTube, but be warned; it's not an easy task!

1. Create Quality Content

The first major hurdle to overcome is creating quality content. Let's face it, the chances of you producing brilliant videos from the start is very slim and it takes a lot of trial and error before you're able to secure a loyal audience and grow your channel. It takes a lot of work to create quality content, but it's important that you focus on providing value, curiosity and excitement to your viewers. The type of content you create will have a huge impact on your view count. Even if you think you're creating fantastic content, you should try and listen to your viewers and friends for feedback.

It's difficult to get it right the first time. Look at any successful YouTuber then check out their first few videos, and you'll notice a huge shift in the way they produce content. The production values shoot up, the message of the videos change, and even slogans or catchphrases might differ. This is usually because it takes a while for you to truly find your niche on YouTube. Comments will affect your content, your interests may change in the future and you'll likely switch gears once or twice.

It's fine to change your content at the beginning, but it's important not to stray from your core audience. You could always make another channel if you want to experiment, but it's important to try and appeal to an audience and build quality content that will get them to share the videos. Only then can you get more views for your YouTube videos.

2. Remember To Ask Your Viewers To Subscribe And Turn On Notifications

If you're a regular on YouTube, then you'll know what it's like to constantly hear YouTubers asking for people to click subscribe and follow their other social media handles. While it can be droning and frustrating to listen to, it's actually an effective way to get more people to pay attention to your videos. Subscribers get notifications when you release a new video, and they're more likely to check their feeds to see that you've released something. The more they watch your videos, the more frequently you'll appear in their suggested videos.

It can get boring to constantly ask them to subscribe and turn on notifications, so try and space the requests out. Make sure you don't mention it more than once in your videos and encourage them to subscribe and like your videos by hosting contests or even subscription goals. Try not to mention it so much on social media because there's a good chance people will get tired of your messages constantly popping up on their feed.

3. Remove The Long Intros And Outros

There's nothing worse than a minute-long intro that takes up a huge amount of the viewer's time or forces them to skip ahead by clicking on the seek bar. This complicates things and doesn't help with the overall viewing experience. If you have a long intro for your videos, then cut it down so that it doesn't take more than a few seconds. A good intro doesn't need a long voice or music clip. All it needs is a quick display of your logo or YouTube name, a short slogan and then cut to your video content. The faster your audience can jump straight into the action and the meat of the video, the more likely they'll stay for the whole thing.

Likewise, your outro shouldn't be long either. It should show a little bit of information about your channel, it should be a short message where you thank you audience, and there should be a little space for you to place the previous video or next video. An outro shouldn't contain much either. Fade in some music, add your logo or a background and keep it simple. The less time and effort you spend on the intro and outro, the more time your audience spends on the body of your video.

4. Build Up A Social Media Presence

Don't forget that YouTube content can easily be shared on social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and even Instagram. It's important to get your content out there on as many different sites as possible because it will increase the overall exposure that you get. A social media presence is built up by engaging with your audience and mentioning others in your social media posts.

In order to build up a social media presence, you'll need to stay active and respond to questions, post your latest videos and also chat in public with your fellow YouTubers and content creators. You can create a wonderful social media presence by networking with others, but it takes a long time to do from scratch. As a result, it's best you start as early as possible if you want the most views you can get from each video.

5. Cross-Post Your Content On Several Social Media Platforms

To continue the social media point, it's important to cross-post your content on multiple social media platforms. For instance, if you upload a video to YouTube, your Instagram, Facebook and Twitter followers need to know. You also need to add tags into these posts so that it's relevant to certain themes and has a higher chance of popping up. For example, if you're talking about the latest food scandal or political debate, then remember to include hashtags that are true to the content in your video.

Remember that you can advertise other types of content on your social media platforms too. For instance, if you host a blog alongside your video content on YouTube, you can link your viewers back to your log for more information, different content or even give them incentives like prize draws. It's important to advertise all of the content you create, even if it's not on YouTube. This will increase your exposure and ultimately grow your brand at a much faster rate.

6. Release Regular Content

In addition to releasing quality content, you also need to worry about frequent content. Subscribers like it when they have a new video to tune into every day, but the reality is that it's difficult to produce a video every single day unless you're able to churn them out in a couple of minutes. However, those videos are usually of low quality and are more popular if you're already a famous personality on YouTube. For example, reaction channels are generally seen as a requiring little to no talent. The videos can be churned out relatively quickly and there's an almost infinite amount of content on the internet to "react" to. This means that newcomers to the reaction channel world find it difficult to make their mark since it's not so much the video they've come to watch, but your reactions.

Another great tip to help you release more content is to properly schedule your releases. Try and stick to a routine so that you don't fall out of it and end up getting lazy. For example, say to yourself that you'll release a video once every week on a Monday. Then, when you're confident that you have enough content to continuously produce quality content, you can bump that up to two videos per week. Both videos don't have to be about the same thing. One could be about your main topics, and another could be a spinoff or a different video series that you plan to produce. In short, it's important to try and release regular content for your channel to prevent your audience from getting bored or growing tired of the same old content that you're creating.

By setting up a schedule, you'll find it far easier to make your uploads a regular occurrence. Any gaps in your upload schedule will be seen as you giving up or losing interest, and if you're unable to release anything on a certain day, make sure you communicate this with your fans via social media. Remember, consistency is the key to growing a YouTube channel and getting more views.

7. Partner With Other YouTube Creators

Partnering with other creators is a great way to improve your exposure while also benefiting someone else. Many YouTube video creators will band together and help each other make content. For example, if you're an expert on interior design, then you may invite an exterior design YouTuber to collaborate on a video about home design in general. If you're an expert on budget computers, then you might work together with other YouTubers that deal in the same technology.

It's important to expand your horizons and network with other YouTubers. Make friends with other content creators, help expose each other's channels, and you'll grow together with ease. If you find your partnership to be a solid one, then it's even possible to create a collaborative channel that you can both benefit from. You can create new types of content together, target a different audience or just have a place to share your ideas.

8. Interact With Your Viewers

Interaction will always bring repeat viewers. Whether you're chatting with fans on social media or in the comment section of your website, make sure you're interacting with your viewers. You can also do this in the video itself. For instance, if you ask a question or request that your viewers leave comments below, you have to follow through and respond to those comments, not just say it for show. Interacting with the viewers is fun at the beginning, but once your popularity starts to increase, you'll find that it becomes harder and harder to remain focused and still reply to everyone.

As a result, you may need to start responding to messages only if they're important or stand out. This means you'll end up avoiding a lot of questions and some fans will be disappointed that you haven't replied. Sadly, this is just a natural evolution when it comes to being a popular star, not just a YouTuber. However, until you reach that point, try your best to respond to as many comments as possible and interact with your loyal viewers so that you can grow your channel and get more views.

9. Vary Your Content And Link To Your Other Videos

Another important concept to understand is varying your content. If you're an expert on a certain animal, then it's natural to make lots of videos on that animal. However, your viewers want to see you do something different as well, not just talk about the same subjects. When you pick a topic to specialise in on YouTube, it's not a sentence where you can only cover that subject in the future.

Vary your content so that you not only get repeat viewers that have subscribed to you, but also new viewers that might not have appreciated you or your content before. Sometimes, it's the personality that really sells a video, not the title or the context. If you're committed to making YouTube your primary stream of revenue, then you need to vary your content and attract views because of you and your personality.

10. Organise Your Content

Lastly, we can't forget about organising your content. You want to ensure that your content has been sorted into playlists so that it's easier to watch. For example, if you have a series that stands out, make a playlist for it so that your viewers have easy access to all the episodes in chronological order. This makes it far easier for your viewers to search specific content, and also gives them a way to quickly share all of your content with someone else, resulting in many more views.