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10 Funniest Twitter Accounts You Need To Follow In 2018

Do you often turn to social media for some light relief? If so, you'll know that there are some pretty funny Twitter accounts out there. However, even if you're an avid follower, you may be missing a trick when it comes to which accounts to follow. If you haven't got these 10 accounts on your radar already, here's who you need to follow on Twitter in 2018 for some much-needed hilarity on a miserable day.

@BuzzFeed: this is not your average provider of news bulletins. BuzzFeed has made a name for publishing current affairs stories with a comical spin, and it's also great if you love nothing more than random images or video clips of animals doing things they shouldn't be, or you're a fan of celebrity bloopers.

18 times cats were actually relatable AF

— BuzzFeed (@BuzzFeed) January 22, 2018

@FirstWorldPains: if you're prone to making mountains out of molehills or you love to add your own hashtag #firstworldproblems to posts or verbal anecdotes, this is the account for you. You'll find funny gifs and memes that highlight the major issues facing the pampered and privileged in this day and age.

Checking if the guests have left so you can finally walk out of your room & eat the left over food

— First World Pains (@FirstWorldPains) January 21, 2018

@ChrissyTeigen: not content with being a model, TV personality and the wife of music star, John Legend, Chrissy Teigen has established herself as a Twitter diamond. Expect witty retorts, sarcastic comments and no-nonsense posts about politics, as well as recipe ideas and TV recommendations.

My mom just sent me the the...the creepiest photo I have ever seen

— christine teigen (@chrissyteigen) December 28, 2017

@Someecards: if you're the kind of person that LOLs in a gift shop when you're reading the funny cards, this is the Twitter account for you. Progressing from e-cards to a social media sensation, this account posts daily greetings and memes that are designed to make you smile.

— someecards (@someecards) January 23, 2018

@AnnaKendrick47: this Hollywood star can't just act. She can also set the world of Twitter alight with her hilarious take on life as an A-lister and fascinating social commentary.

Happy 22nd of February.

— Anna Kendrick (@AnnaKendrick47) February 22, 2017

@TFLN: TFLN (texts from last night) is the ultimate Twitter selection for anyone who enjoys revelling in others' misfortunes or craves reassurance after sending stupid texts on a night out. If the latter applies, the cringe-factor of other texts is bound to make you feel better about your own faux-pas.

(601): My mom is coming to visit today & it's giving me anxiety. I feel like she can see through me & into the whore I've become.

— TextsFromLastNight (@TFLN) January 23, 2018

@EmrgencyKittens: a must for cat lovers and anyone who is having a bad day, this kitty-filled feed packed with funny videos and images that make your heart melt will make you smile on even the darkest of days.

cats are liquid

— Emergency Kittens (@EmrgencyKittens) January 17, 2018

@VanCityReynolds: Ryan Reynolds is not just a talented actor and a pretty fine specimen to look at. He's also incredibly funny when it comes to cracking jokes or making observations in a restricted number of characters. Look out for sarcastic comments about his wife, Blake, and his daughters.

Some might call this creation a masterpiece, but to me it's just well hung art to be shared with the world.

— Ryan Reynolds (@VancityReynolds) December 14, 2017

@LadBible: famed for its viral videos and funny clips, Lad Bible has become a staple of modern life. Ideal for those who would prefer a slightly less formal version of the news and Tweeters who enjoy random footage of people and animals doing funny things on a dull day.

Prankster creates car out of snow, policeman tries to give it a ticket.

— LADbible (@ladbible) January 19, 2018

@FakeShowbizNews: this feed publishes the stories you wish you could see in the gossip columns. Sadly, they're not true, but they'll provide you with laughs on a daily basis.

EXCLUSIVE: Barack Obama provisionally agrees to present Valentine's Day show on BBC Radio Leeds as long as someone else does the buttons

— Fake Showbiz News (@FakeShowbizNews) January 20, 2018

If you're looking for Twitter inspiration for 2018, get following these accounts now!