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Facebook Business Pages - Everything You Need To Know

Many of us use Facebook for personal use as a way of staying in touch with friends and keeping up to date with news. However, did you know that you can also use Facebook to promote your business? Users have long been able to create 'business pages' on Facebook and the social media site has gradually introduced more perks to make this medium a useful marketing tool. In fact, you could argue that having a Facebook page is now just as important as having a website for helping to build leads.

This guide details how to set up a page and what you can gain from doing this.

Why Own A Facebook Business Page?

A Facebook page has many business benefits. Here are just a handful of the reasons why having a page could be advantageous...

Setting Up A Page

A page is different to a profile. Pages are set up specifically for organisations like businesses, whilst profile are set up for people in order to use for personal use. When setting up your page, it's important to get all the basic details correct. You can change any of these at any time.

First, Choose The Right Type Of Page
Log on to your Facebook profile. In the top toolbar at the far right, you should find a small arrow next to a question mark symbol. Click on this and a drop-down menu will appear with the option 'create page'.

Click on this. From here you'll be faced with several options as to what kind of page you want to create: 'local business or place', 'company, organisation or institution', 'brand or product', 'artist, band or public figure', 'entertainment' and 'cause or community'.

Choose the option that best fits your business. Be aware that by selecting a 'local business', you will have the option to display your company address on a map. If you operate online, have multiple premises or would prefer your address to remain anonymous, it may be better to go with 'company, organisation or institution' or 'brand or product'.

Select A Profile Picture And Cover Photo
After selecting an option, naming your page and filling out some brief info, your page goes live to the world. Your first step at this point should be to add a profile picture and a cover photo. This will make your company look more legitimate and create a visual impact for those clicking on your page.

Try to use good quality images that give a real taste of what you're about. Your cover photo needs to be the most dramatic. Make sure that this meets the dimensions 851 pixels x 315 pixels and that it isn't blurred or stretched. Be aware that you don't have to use photos and could simply use a logo for your profile picture and a creative banner for your cover photo. There are companies now that can design a flashy cover photo for you, as well as DIY options such as photo editing apps and programmes. Consider using one of these option to create a cover photo if you're stuck for ideas.

Fill Out Your Basic Information
You'll find several boxes on the left hand side of your page that allow you to fill out information about yourself. Don't leave these blank - they're a great opportunity to advertise yourself in greater detail. On top of contact details such as phone number and email address and a link to your website, there will be sections titled 'Mission' and 'Description'. Here you can go to town explaining what your company is all about. We recommend linking in a few testimonials if you have any. You could even offer a breakdown of the type of services you provide.

Will Anybody Else Be Contributing To Your Page?
You may want to be the only person with access to your business page. However, some company owners may also want to allow their staff to contribute posts or perhaps an outsourced marketing agent to do all the Facebook posting for them.

Either way you'll need to go to your page settings and click on 'page roles', where you'll have the option of adding other contributors. There will be a list of different roles to choose from, all allowed different responsibilities. An 'editor' for example has control over mostly everything - they can create posts and change your page details and create ads. A 'moderator' meanwhile may have less power and be unable to create posts but still be able to reply to messages. Make sure that you choose the right options.

Business Page Actions And Features

There are many features that you can add to your business page. These can help you to achieve different goals. Here are few actions and features worth considering.

The 'Add A Button' Feature
When you go on your page, you will see a button on the bottom right of your cover photo that reads 'add a button'. This feature contains all kinds of options that can allow users to take action. There's the 'shop' option which can allow you to sell your wares directly on your page. There's the option to make people 'sign up' to your services, which could be useful if you offer some kind of subscription service. You can also allow people to make a donation, either to your company or to a cause that you're supporting. Meanwhile, if you have an app or a game, you can get people to download it from your page - handy for any phone users that are on your business page.

Adding Reviews
At the top of your page you should see a button that reads 'add reviews tab'. Activating reviews allows users to rate your products or services. This can serve as another way of boosting your online reputation.

Using Insights
Along the very top toolbar you'll see an option that reads 'Insights'. This allows you to see who is visiting your page, at what time and where from. By using insights you can see which posts are popular, as well as getting a better understanding of your target audience. This can help when promoting your page or promoting posts.

Creating An Event
If you've got an event coming up such as a trade fair or a conference or a launch party, you can advertise it through your Facebook page. Below the section where you write a post on your page, you'll find a box that says 'create an event'. Click this and then set the details of your event. When published, this event will go out to all your followers who can then choose whether they will be attending.

Creating An Offer
Also located below the section where you write posts you'll find a box that says 'create an offer'. Here you can advertise a promotion that's on, as well as telling people how long it will be running for. This could be a Christmas offer or a limited deal that's only open for a week.

Using The Live Video Feature
One of Facebook's most recent features allows users to 'start a live video'. This can allow you to broadcast an event you may be at in real time to all your followers. This can be a great promotional tool if you want people to come into your store or if you're working with a special client or you're doing a talk at an event.

Generating New Leads

There are many ways to use your Facebook page to generate more leads. This generally involves attracting more people to your Facebook page. The social media site has many ways of doing this, but there are other forms of marketing in conjunction with Facebook that can work too.

Invite People To Like Your Page
The easiest way to generate more leads is to invite people to your page. This is useful if you're a recent startup and you want to let people know about your new company. Once you've initially set up your page, Facebook will prompt you to invite people to like and follow you. You should take advantage of this and invite all your friends and family. You can invite new people to like your page at a later date.

You can also invite previous happy clientele via email and encourage them to invite their friends. Similarly, if you have employees and they are admin or moderators, get them to invite their friends and family to like and follow.

Promote Your Posts And Your Page
Below each of your posts, you'll find a 'boost post' button. Generally when you write a post it only goes out to people that follow you, but by boosting a post you can target strangers who may become new leads. Boosting a post requires making a payment - the more you're willing to pay, the more people you will be able to reach out to. You will receive an options box that can allow you to target your post specifically to your niche client. Take care selecting these options as they will determine how impactful your campaign is. Whilst you can boost every post, most people will select specific posts to boost that may contain promotions or something else to entice people in.

Like the 'boost post' feature, you can pay to run your page as an ad. This can help to attract more followers and is another useful trick for generating leads. The same options to boosting a post apply here.

Include A Link To Your Website
If you've got a website, consider adding a link to your Facebook page. A professional way of doing this is to add a Facebook plug-in. Place this on your homepage or in a contacts area where people will easily see it.

Physically Advertise Your Facebook Page
You can advertise your Facebook page to people in the real world too. Provide a link on business cards, flyers, posters and signage. You could even put up a noticeboard in your premises encouraging people to follow you on Facebook.

Cross-promotion is a method of teaming up with another company. They promote your business in exchange that you promote theirs. On Facebook, this could be a simple case of writing a post promoting another service in exchange for them doing the same to you. Cross-promotion as free and allows you to both gain followers from one another.

Get Sponsored Posts
Know anyone with a huge social media following that may be able to share your Facebook page or a post you've written? Even if you have to pay them a few dollars, it could be worthwhile using their influence. Their post will go out to thousands of their followers, encouraging a much greater audience to check out your Facebook page and your business.

Buy Facebook Likes
Services such as our own allow you to buy likes which could be a simple way of gaining more influence. This can be ideal for businesses just starting out on Facebook and will further help to generate leads.