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Facebook is undoubtedly the largest social media platform today and a major marketing channel through which businesses create outreach and maximize sales. It has the largest number of users among all other social networking platforms with 50% of users accessing the website on a daily basis. Facebook forms a crucial part of the marketing plan for most businesses trying to build an engaged audience, and acquiring a large number for likes is the starting point for all Facebook marketing initiatives.

Key Facts About Facebook And Its Importance As A Marketing Platform

How Did Facebook Emerge As A Popular Marketing Platform?
Apart from being a great social interaction platform, Facebook enables users to receive News Feed from friends and businesses or causes they have liked or followed. This ensures that businesses can reach out to their loyal audience base with latest updates and offers.

The single most important feature that anyone planning to use Facebook as a marketing platform should worry about is the 'like' feature. The 'Like' button on a page allows a user to express his/her interest and consent to receiving updates from an individual, organization or business.

What Kind Of Audience Can You Target On Facebook?
Facebook's enormous user base of 1.3 billion constitutes a wide range of demographic segments including teens, young adults (in 20s), adults and senior citizens. With 71% of active adult users, Facebook has the largest number of adult users while its closest competitors LinkedIn and Pinterest only have 28% of adult users.

Despite its widespread use, the balance does slightly shift in favor of women, Caucasians and people in the age group of 25-34. This is in contrast to other social networking platforms like Instagram, which remains dominated by teens and young adults. By far, Facebook is the only marketing platform where marketers have the option to target different demographic segments.

What Type Of Products And Services Can Be Marketed On Facebook?
Facebook is the only social media platform ideally suited for both B2B and B2C marketing. It is an amazing platform for businesses to reach out and communicate with potential customers, and is used by startups as well as popular brands. As Facebook gained popularity and saw a huge rise in the number of users over MySpace in 2008, people started realizing its potential as a marketing platform, and now Facebook marketing is a crucial consideration for businesses, celebrities and NGOs.

How To Promote Your Business On Facebook?

When a consumer decides to check the credibility of a brand or business, he/she first checks out the website of the business followed by its Facebook fan page. Having a good and well-maintained Facebook page with a good number of likes and engaging posts is essential as this inspires trust and builds credibility.

Given below are a few ways by which you can ensure that your Facebook page receives a good number of views from potential customers.

Maintain Your Facebook Page
While website is an important source of leads and enquiries for a business, your brand's Facebook page can also serve as a first point contact with potential customers. Ensuring that your Facebook page is visually attractive, and provides engaging content about your offerings or relevant industry news is a great way to attract prospects.

Create And Share Interesting Content
Facebook fan page is an outlet through which brands can showcase their thought leadership, and get some traction with industry experts. Creating content for a Facebook page requires a lot of consideration, since your content needs to incite user's attention in less than a second. Custom made photo posts, infographics, and short videos get more attention on Facebook, so putting-out such content creates a massive impact.

Build An Audience
The whole point of creating a Facebook page and producing high quality content is to maximize outreach and build an audience. This requires active involvement, and you may have to aggressive marketing in order to get people to like your Facebook page. Email marketing and sending out invites through Facebook are ways by which you can steadily grow your follower-base.

Interact With Your Followers
Nobody likes spam and this is what your posts will become if you don't encourage your followers to take action. Create content that allows your followers to comment and start a discussion. Reply to any doubts or queries directly and immediately. Try giving out coupons or offers to encourage your followers to visit your website and avail the service. Create polls that your followers can answer and discuss in the comments. You can also create events to which your followers can invite friends in order to become more popular in relevant circles and expand your reach.

Why Is It Important To Get More 'Likes' On Your Facebook Page?

The credibility of a Facebook page is often judged by the quality of its content and the number of 'likes' on the page. This is why businesses are putting a lot of effort in increasing the number of 'likes' on their Facebook page. In case you still haven't realized the importance of actively working on acquiring Facebook likes, here are some reasons why you need to get serious about your 'like count'.

Lure Potential Customers
Having a good number of 'likes' on your page is one of the most effective means of luring potential customers. It gives prospects the impression that if a lot of people like this page, there must be something good about it. Facebook likes can lend credibility to your brand and position your business as an industry leader.

Engage Potential Customers
When a person likes your Facebook page, it appears on their wall. Any content that you post on your page will appear in the News Feed of users who have liked your page. If your content is engaging enough, people might like, comment or share it with their friends. In any case, you achieve your goal of reaching out and making yourself visible in relevant circles.

Create Brand Awareness
Given that Facebook has the largest number of active users, it is a perfect platform for creating brand awareness. This can be done by posting creative content on a regular basis and keeping fans informed about the latest product launches and offers. However, this strategy will work only when there are a lot of people following your page and receiving your updates, which is why it is important to get large number of 'likes' on your facebook page before you think of launching a brand awareness campaign.

How To Acquire 'Likes' On Facebook?

There are multiple ways to acquire more number of 'likes' on Facebook. These can be broadly classified into two categories and they have been elaborated below:

Organic Method Of Getting 'Likes' On Facebook
One of the ways of acquiring 'likes' on Facebook involves creating and posting engaging content in the form of text, photos, graphics or videos. The trick is to post content that sparks curiosity in the mind of the reader so that he/she is forced to follow the link to find out more. Post regularly so that users are constantly reminded of your brand, but not so regularly as to irritate them and cause them to 'unfollow' you. Take the effort to understand your fans' general interests and post content that would appeal to a majority of them.

Methods mentioned above are not very effective in boosting the number of likes on your Facebook page. These techniques were very effective once when marketers focused on educating and nurturing their prospects. However, most people have had pretty bad experiences with marketers trying to force content upon Facebook users, and now consistent use of these techniques amounts to spamming.

Another organic method is to promote your Facebook page actively on your website, blogs, email signatures and business cards. Reach out to your circle of acquaintances and encourage them to like your page so that they keep receiving updates about your company. You can use free Facebook social plugins on your website to let viewers like your page without leaving your site.

Fast Forward Method Of Getting 'Likes' On Facebook
The organic method of getting 'likes' on Facebook is slow to the point of being ineffective. This is because there are hundreds of marketers out there vying for people's attention with attractive offers and mind-blowing deals. In order to stay in the game and ensure that you come across to people as a strong and popular brand on Facebook, there is always the option of getting a huge number of 'likes' using fast forward methods.

One way of doing this is by running paid targeted Facebook ad campaigns that help you connect with your target audience and encourage them to engage with your content. If you choose to run ad campaigns on Facebook, you need to put in a lot of effort in defining your target audience and creating content that will instantly get people interested and make them loyal followers of your brand.

Facebook advertising is a tricky business as it can either lead to unimaginable success or downright failure. Deciding to promote your page through Facebook ads is something that should be done after considering your marketing objectives and budget. After-all you wouldn't want to spend all your marketing budget on Facebook ads and get nothing out of it.

Businesses which are just starting out might like to rely on a method that is more likely to succeed such as buying a specific number of likes on Facebook. This gives instant and guaranteed results, and will also help in pulling up your Facebook page's search engine ranking. It will also help you get real 'likes' from prospective customers as people are generally attracted to what other people are liking. This approach is cheaper than ad campaigns and is an attractive option for people who are just starting out on Facebook. However, it is important to purchase 'Facebook likes' from the right source who have a reputation for quality and punctuality.