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The Importance Of Getting More Twitter Followers

Twitter is one of the most popular and widely-used social networks on the internet today. According to the most recent statistics, there are more than 330 million monthly active users sending around 6,000 tweets per second. With figures like that, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to work out that Twitter holds many fantastic and profitable opportunities for anyone who takes the time to open an account. With that in mind, this in-depth article will highlight some of the reasons you need to get more Twitter followers as soon as possible. Regardless of your activities, this post will draw your attention towards all the benefits you can expect to encounter. We'll also offer a few tips and tricks explaining the best ways to expand your audience and ensure your tweets gain the most extensive circulation possible.

Twitter For Business Owners

Using Twitter to promote and advance your business operation is a fantastic idea in the digital world. There are hundreds of ways in which you could use that platform to your advantage, and lots of reasons why you need as many followers are possible. Firstly, you're going to struggle to make an impact if users don't see the tweets you post. So, building your followers is the best way to increase retweets and strike up a conversation with your audience. Maybe you have a new product due for launch or something similar? Posting about it on Twitter will mean that your target market can discover the item and follow your links to make a purchase.

Business owners can use Twitter for:

Offering customer services using Twitter is an excellent move because that enables your followers to raise issues and get a speedy response without having to send emails or pick up the telephone. It's also possible to build your company's authority within the industry by answering relevant questions posted by other users. The entire practice becomes more useful and cost-efficient if you have as many followers as possible and you tweet to them every day.

Twitter For Individuals

Regular people who use Twitter for non-commercial purposes will also benefit from getting as many followers as possible. That is because the number of people following your account will determine the quality of the experience you encounter using the platform. Unlike Facebook, Twitter users can find your tweets without following your account by using the search facility. However, it's still unlikely that anyone will interact with your posts unless you have many hundreds or thousands of followers. For the individual, building your network of followers offers many advantages explained below.

Individuals can use Twitter for:

People who use Twitter without many followers will severely limit their experience on the platform. While it's still handy for checking breaking news stories and reading funny comments, you won't get the best results from an account with less than a few hundred followers. So, be sure to build your network and take full advantage of engaging with the broadest online community possible.

Twitter For Bloggers

Bloggers, freelance journalists, and website owners can use Twitter to drive traffic to their sites and ensure they earn as much as possible with their Adsense advertising revenue. With 330 million people using the platform every month, it takes to reason that a significant percentage of your target audience uses the social network regularly. That means you just have to attract the right users and encourage them to follow your account for the best outcomes. When you post a tweet to only a couple of hundred followers; you might discover that just around ten people bother to click the link to your site. However, when you post the same tweet to 30,000 or even 100,000 users, the results are almost guaranteed to improve. You might end up driving around 1000 to 5000 people to your domain in a matter of seconds!

Bloggers can use Twitter for:

One of the best things about Twitter for bloggers relates to the trending hashtags. Bloggers can use the most popular tweet terms to tailor their articles and ensure they get the most attention possible when tweeting links. It's even possible to customise the location to make sure you target the most suitable words and terms based on wherever your audience might live in the world. Still, having thousands of followers is vital if you don't want to work too hard to drive that much-needed traffic.

Twitter For Marketers

Professional marketers and marketing agencies often consider Twitter as one of the best tools in their arsenal when it comes to providing promotion for their clients. Many experts create multiple accounts related to their niche to ensure they can drive as much traffic as possible to business owner's websites. They also use the platform to boost brand awareness and build authority within the industry. Without lots of followers, those accounts would become useless.

Let's presume the marketing agency focuses their efforts on promoting events. The company might create Twitter accounts like "The Best UK Music Events" or "US Concerts You Won't Want To Miss". The professionals then get as many followers as possible before using those accounts to advertise their clients. The followers have no idea they're dealing with a marketing agency, and the companies concerned get the most attention possible.

Marketers can use Twitter for:

There are even some specialist websites and software applications that enable marketers to schedule posts and update multiple Twitter accounts at the same time. So, it's possible to send the same tweet out to millions of followers across many different accounts. However, it's unlikely anyone would succeed in doing that if they didn't invest a lot of time and money in attracting those followers in the first place.

Tips For Increasing Twitter Followers

There are lots of ways in which anyone can work towards increasing the number of followers on their Twitter accounts. This section will offer some tips, tricks, and advice that some of you might like to consider. Use the information to ensure you get the best results from your future Twitter activities and never struggle when it comes to getting attention or driving traffic by posting links.

Follow Relevant Accounts

One of the best ways to build your Twitter followers involves following lots of other relevant accounts. With a bit of luck, the people managing those profiles will notice your action and reciprocate. That is an excellent strategy for getting started, but you won't want to follow 20,000 accounts to build your followers because that's far too time-consuming. So, once you have a suitable number, use some of the other advice below.

Tailor Your Content Using Trending Hashtags

As mentioned a moment ago, Twitter lists the most popular trending topics for almost any location in the world. That means you can learn about what other people post and tailor your content accordingly. If you notice a hashtag related to your account and its niche; you could publish some tweets related to that subject. Hopefully, that will mean more users see your contribution before engaging and following your account.

Show Your Funny Side

Humour goes a long way on Twitter, and lots of accounts receive thousands of followers after making a funny statement or comment. Let's presume you're a blogger who wants to make a name for yourself. You could take a look at some of the most recent tweets published by some of the world's best journalists and authors. You could then respond to some of those tweets with tongue-in-cheek statements that should make people laugh. With a bit of luck, some of the users who follow those famous people will encounter your tweet and want to know more about the person who wrote it. They should then add themselves to your follower count.

Answer Relevant Questions

Answering questions is a brilliant way of starting conversations with people on Twitter and getting them to follow your account. That is especially the case if you are an authority on the subject or you have a wealth of knowledge. For example, maybe you run a music blog that publishes articles about the latest album releases? Perhaps you see a tweet from someone asking when the most recent Beyonce MP3s are going to hit iTunes? You could respond to the tweet with accurate information, and that will encourage the original poster to send their thanks and follow your account. Other people could also encounter the conversation and notice that you offered assistance, and that could boost your perceived authority.

Buy Twitter Followers

There are many websites and services out there that enable you to purchase Twitter followers for cash. You need to be careful when opting for that strategy because there are less than scrupulous organisations out there that use fake accounts to flood your profile with followers. There are also many services that will only provide you with followers from places like India and Thailand which isn't ideal if you're trying to promote something in the UK or the US. So, be sure to read reviews and testimonials before following that path. It's possible to purchase high quality Twitter followers if you shop around and know where to look, but that can be time consuming. We've tested hundreds of such services and listed the top ones at to make things easier for you :) .

For more ways to increase the number of followers on your account, check out our article 12 ways to get more followers on twitter.

Getting The Best Results From Your Twitter Account

When you open a Twitter account, there are many personalisation options you can use to design your page and ensure it represents your message or your brand. Be sure to invest in stunning professional graphics for the best results. You need an eye-catching design because that could mean the difference between someone clicking "follow" or moving to a different account.

At the very least, people who want to get the best results from their Twitter page will need to:

Twitter also released a paid advertising service much like Facebook Ads last year, and that is a fantastic tool for reaching a broad audience and gaining more targeted followers (as compared to purchasing followers where targeting is not available). There is even a standard option to promote your account with a view to growing the page and attracting other users to follow. If you decide to use that, be sure to read as much as possible from Twitter's help guides and include a compelling reason for people to follow your account. Maybe you have an offer or promotion to advertise? Create a few different campaign tweets with slightly different wording and then check the analytics to see which is most effective before you make a significant investment.

Now you know all the reasons why getting more Twitter followers is important, we hope that you will create the right social media strategy this year. Use this article as your guide if you're yet to open a Twitter account, and be sure to follow all the advice when building your audience. Regardless of your end goal, Twitter offers many lucrative opportunities for you to develop brand awareness, promote product launches, or just have a conversation with like-minded users about subjects relevant to your operation. Just don't make the mistake of giving up too early if you don't achieve the results you expect within a couple of weeks. Instead, use some of the tips and advice from this page to structure your approach with success firmly in mind.