The Ultimate Guide To Buying Twitter Followers

What is Twitter?

The social network Twitter was created in 2006 and has since grown tremendously in popularity. By 2012, the network had over 100 million users. Today, the company has over 330 million monthly active users, and in 2017 the business had a total annual revenue of $2.4 billion. Every day there are around 157 million daily active users on Twitter, and this is just a taster of its massive marketing potential. However, to unlock the true power of Twitter, you need to gain followers.

What Does It Mean To Be A Follower on Twitter?

Fun fact - popstar Katy Perry has the most followers on Twitter with 108.37 million and counting. But do you know what that means? If you have a follower on Twitter, they can see the messages and tweets that you send out. It's a way for people to keep up to date with the thoughts, opinions and updates of companies, brands or individuals. Basically, a follower is interested in reading or at least subscribing to the content you publish on this network including your tweets.

One of the big differences between Twitter and Facebook is that Twitter can be a one-way street. In other words, if someone is following you, you don't have to follow them back. When you friend someone on Facebook, you both become subscribers to each other's profiles.

It's also important to understand that the followers you have on Twitter are not typically private. Anyone can find out who is following you. The only exception will be if your Twitter is private. This will never be the case for big businesses or individuals who want to boost the reach of their brand on this social network.

Why Are Followers So Important?

For personal use, the number of followers you have is basically a mark of popularity. The more followers you have, the more popular you are perceived to be. For brands and businesses, followers can be something more. On the most basic level, the number of followers will impact the perception of your business. More followers will change the perception of your company. It will look popular, successful and even stylish. Number of followers could be examined by a customer considering buying from a company or an investor thinking about lending their support to a brand. Increasing your number of followers will also boost your brand reach, spreading awareness of your company.

A high number of followers on Twitter can also be great news for your SEO campaign. Sharing content is one of the best ways to increase SEO. More followers make massive levels of sharing more likely and may even result in some pieces going viral. This is going to have a huge impact on your organic SEO marketing.

Are you linking your Twitter to your site, blog or shop? You should be and if you have a massive number of followers that increases the amount of traffic going from your Twitter to your website. Again, this is going to increase your sales and get the numbers for your business that you need.

Don't forget, customers also want to engage with your business. They want to build a relationship with your company, and more followers increase the likelihood of this happening. A massive group of followers can form a community by sharing posts and content online. Your business brand won't just survive, it will thrive.

How can I get more followers?

Interested in boosting your number of followers online? Of course you are! There are two possible ways to do this. You can use organic, free methods to build up your numbers on Twitter. Or, alternatively, you can think about buying Twitter followers instead. Let's look at each of these options in turn and find the right choice.

Increasing Your Twitter Followers Organically

There are various ways that you can organically increase your number of Twitter followers. A simple piece of advice would be to make sure that you follow someone following you. You should do this as soon as you receive the notification. By doing this, you can capture the interest of their other followers.

You can also think about interacting with influential members of the online community. For instance, you could Tweet a celebrity, and this could lead to them mentioning your brand. Immediately, you'll have the interest of their massive following.

Hashtags are another effective way to increase followers organically. There are always tags trending on Twitter. Are any relevant to your brand? If so, be sure to use that tag in your Tweets. But do be careful how many tags you use. More than three or four and your content can start to look like spam.

Do you want an extra piece of advice? Don't focus too much on the direct promotion of your brand when posting on Twitter. Instead, follow the simple yet super 80/20 rule. Eighty percent of the content on your twitter should be interactions, advice or useful content. Only twenty percent should be direct promotion for your business.

Buying Twitter Followers

You can buy Twitter followers for your profile. These could be fake accounts, or they might be real profiles. This will depend on the service that you use. There are literally thousands of sites online advertising the opportunity to buy Twitter followers. It's difficult to tell which ones are offering a great service and which are essentially selling you spam. While you will be buying followers, this will still impact your organic reach and that's not the only benefit.

Why is buying followers the best option?

Building up Twitter followers organically isn't easy. It can take a lot of time, effort and you can spend a lot more than you would purchasing subscribes from real accounts. To have any chance of seeing a significant change in your number of followers you'll need to post original content like clockwork. For this, you will need a social media manager, and they aren't available at low prices. Even then it can be a long wait before those followers reach anywhere near your goal number.

The speed at which you can buy Twitter followers is just one of the main benefits that prove this is the best option. Buy followers from the right service, and you'll increase your numbers in a matter of minutes. Now, you can gain the interest of those users who were turned off by your low number of followers.

Due to this, buying followers can have a ripple effect. Once you have bought followers and increased your numbers, others are more attracted to your brand. It can cause you to gain new, organic followers as well, doubling or even tripling the impact. If your profile has a large number of followers, it is seen as successful, and users want to be a part of that success. Essentially, they want to be part of the in-crowd which is why profiles with higher numbers see higher gains.

Using the right service buying followers guarantees an increase. Using organic methods, the likelihood of success is lower because your profile won't look popular. Your only hope of seeing a big gain through organic means is to go viral. This is incredibly rare and can be just a matter of luck.

Buying Twitter followers, you take away the chance variable and ensure direct results.

Why should I buy followers through your website?

Be aware, we don't sell followers directly. Instead, we recommend the best sellers to you listing them on our site. Remember, there are thousands of sites selling followers online and to get the biggest benefit you need to find the ones selling real followers. But follower quality is just one of the variables to consider. You also need to consider how fast you'll get those followers and the level of customer support provided.

We'll do all the legwork for you finding the best sellers who offer followers from Twitter profiles that look real. How can we guarantee this? We test them ourselves and make sure they are the real deal. Use our service, and you can avoid the spam, the sham deals and buy from only the best followers online. We'll also find the sellers that provide a drop guarantee.

With so many sellers online, you won't be able to find the best one for your Twitter profile, but we can.

Is it safe and anonymous?

You might be worried about the danger of buying Twitter followers online. Perhaps you're worried about handing the keys to your Twitter profile over. We don't need your password or access to your Twitter account to add the Twitter profile. All we need is a link that anyone can get online. As such, you don't have to worry about anyone other than you being able to access your Twitter profile.

We also understand the need to remain anonymous. You don't want people to find out that you have been buying Twitter followers to boost your profile. We can provide complete anonymity. Any information that you give to us will remain with us. It won't be passed on to any third parties, and as such we can guarantee your data is protected.