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Vine is the latest trend to hit the social media, and has gained massive popularity in a relatively short span of time. A video sharing service owned by Twitter, Vine allows users to post six second long videos using the Vine app for iOS and Android. Vine videos are a rage among teenagers and people in 20s, which makes it a high impact marketing platform for businesses. Marketing on Vine is all about building a large follower base, so you can have an established audience for your brand messages.

Although Vine is a relatively new social media site, it has become a very competitive marketing space with big brands paying thousands of dollars to celebrity viners for just one sponsored video. With 40 million registered users who generate about 100 million video views each month, Vine is a very good channel for maximizing outreach and driving engagement.

Important Facts About Vine Which Every Marketer Should Know

In What Way Is Vine Different From Other Social Networks?
Vine became a popular social network by incorporating the brevity of Twitter. As Twitter provided a convenient alternative to blogging, Vine made it easier for people to share videos. The concept of sharing 6 second long looping videos created an instant buzz in the internet community, and more than 100 million videos were uploaded in just 3 weeks after Vine became operational.

Unlike other social networks where content discovery is limited to what your network is sharing, Vine has a section where people can explore content by looking at videos handpicked by editors or browsing through various channels.

How Are People Using Vine?
Vine is mainly used as a content discovery platform for finding short amusing videos on a range of subjects. People who post videos on Vine are out there to share a funny moment or publish videos with the intention of sharing it as part of a tweet. Users interested in exploring Vine videos tend to follow frequent video uploaders, as well as create engagement through likes and comments.

Why Is Vine An Important Marketing Channel?
Marketing on established social networks like Twitter and Facebook is getting difficult with every passing day. This is because these websites restrict the outreach of your messages, so they are only received by a fraction of your followers, which makes paid advertising necessary.

Vine is the only popular social media website which has not been monetized yet, so once you build a large follower base on Vine, you then have an established audience for your promotional messages. Also, Vine videos offer maximum information in a concise way through a format which ensures high retention. Vine videos are believed to be more descriptive than a 140 character tweet and creates more impact than a conventional social media post.

Marketing on Vine offers many advantages. First off, it allows you to create highly engaging content without much investment as a six second video costs less than a ten-minute-long short film. The other advantage is that if your Vine goes viral, it also creates some engagement on Twitter.

How To Promote Your Business/Brand On Vine?

Marketing on Vine is all about creating an audience, and generating brand awareness through a short and amusing video. Another objective of marketing on Vine is to create engagement around your content and drive sharing. It is also a great platform where marketers can adopt strategic measures to convert loyal customers into active influencers.

Here are some things that businesses do to market their brand on Vine:

Post Vines That Drive Engagement
Vine is a great place for sharing really short and humorous looping videos which are six seconds long. And, people have found ways to tell a compelling story in such a short duration. Vines have emerged as a great weekend pastime, and people actively follow frequent viners who post videos on subjects they are interested in.

Businesses have realized the potential of Vine videos, and marketers are paying up-to $15,000 for a branded video created and shared by celebrity viners like Kingbach who have millions of followers. Concealing a brand message in a cleverly contrived story that unravels in just six seconds creates a powerful impact. And, Vines easily go viral which ensures greater payback for your marketing effort.

Connect With Prospects Or Influential Viners
Vine makes it possible for your content to be found by your potential prospects, since users can use Vine's search/browse feature to look for Vine videos on a specific subject. In addition to being found by a prospect, Vine serves as a platform where you can interact with influencers who have a say within your industry or niche. Like Twitter, Vine supports hashtags and @mentions which is a great way for marketers to become a part of a trending issue or start a conversation.

Build Credibility By Getting Support From Influential Viners
Vine videos are categorized into channels, and there are a bunch of viners for every channel who have established themselves as an authority on a specific subject. These people have millions of followers and are in a position to influence users with their opinions. A comment or a like from an influential viner carries enormous weightage and can make your Vine video go viral. So, a lot marketing activity is directed towards getting endorsement from influential viners through a comment or a like.

Maximize Outreach By Running Vine Contests
Vine contests are gaining rapid popularity with brands in hospitality, fashion and sports industry leveraging contests for creating an engaged audience. Businesses are running Twitter like contests on Vine where participants are encouraged to produce creative six second videos and post them with a specific hashtag. Contests are a great way to boost engagement and increase your follower base on Vine.

Why Is It So Important To Boost Your Follower Count On Vine?

Getting followers on Vine is an essential requirement for fulfilling all your marketing objectives. However, building a follower-base on Vine is not easy as users prefer to follow accounts that put-out videos which have an enormous mass appeal. With so many frequent Vine posters competing with each other, users are spoilt for choice when it comes to deciding who to follow.

Here are some reasons why marketers should acquire large number of followers on Vine:

Users Tend To Follow Accounts Which Have Large Number Of Followers
It is common for humans to do things that everyone around them is doing, which is what leads to creation of trends. For instance, restaurants and night clubs which are deemed popular tend to attract a larger crowd, and the same rule applies to online shopping because people like to shop for products which have many favorable reviews.

Since people look for social endorsement on most matters, it is not possible to increase your follower-base on Vine unless you already have a sizeable audience. On Vine, people like to follow accounts that have thousands and millions of followers, so a strategy aimed at increasing your follower-base will only work when you have a few thousand followers to start with.

Having A Large Follower-Base On Vine Is A Mark Of Brand Recognition
Social media following has now become an important metrics for brand recognition. So, talking strategic steps aimed at increasing your follower-base on Vine is essential for creating massive brand awareness.

Vine Marketing Only Works When You Have Large Number Of Followers
As mentioned before, having a sizeable audience on Vine in itself is a big marketing achievement, because you then have an established audience for your content. Even if you intend to use Vine for brand awareness campaigns, running contests or driving engagement, it is extremely important to begin by acquiring a large follower-base, otherwise your marketing efforts will surely fail.

What Are The Different Ways Of Acquiring Vine Followers?

There are many different ways of acquiring followers on Vine and they can be broadly classified into two categories.

Organic Method Of Acquiring Vine Followers
There are many different organic strategies by which marketers can acquire Vine followers. Posting videos with relevant hashtags is a great way of attracting Vine users. Engaging with other Vine users through comments and liking their Vine videos is also a viable technique for acquiring followers. Regular engagement with other users, especially people who are considered an authority on a specific subject, gradually elevates the status of your Vine account and helps attract followers.

The organic techniques mentioned above help in positioning your Vine account as an original and useful source of information on a specific subject. However, these techniques have been exploited indiscriminately on all social media platforms, and although Vine is relatively new, marketers have made the Vine community wary through overexploitation of organic techniques. Organic methods aimed at creating an audience on social media are viewed as an act of spamming, and are no longer as effective as they once were.

Some organic techniques are still highly effective in helping marketers build a follower base on Vine. These techniques involve promotion of your Vine account through your business website, newsletter campaign and offline media. Another great organic technique for acquiring followers involves promoting your Vine content on other social media platforms where you already have an established audience.

Fast Forward Method Of Acquiring Vine Followers
It takes anywhere between 3 months to a year to build a sizeable audience on Vine, if you are investing dedicated resources towards creation and distribution of original and share-worthy content. The main reason why organic methods are not effective is that users want to follow accounts which already have an established audience, which is why organic techniques fail to produce good results. The fast forward method of acquiring Vine followers allows you to get hundreds and thousands of followers in a very short span of time.

Advertising is the most common and effective method of building an audience on social media platforms, however Vine does not offer advertising as of now. Marketers still have the option to use Twitter ads for distributing Vine videos and attracting followers. Paid Twitter campaigns involving sponsored tweets or sponsored hashtags can produce instant results, however they are very expensive and beyond the reach of small businesses.

Marketers who have a limited budget at their disposal have the option of buying Vine followers. This approach costs less and generates instant results. Buying Vine followers is the best way for small businesses to kick start their marketing initiative on Vine, as it offers guaranteed results at less cost. However, it is very important that you buy Vine followers from trusted vendors who offer quality service without undue delays.

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