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Why You Should Purchase Facebook Likes

Any online business or brand has a lot of reasons to want Facebook likes. They're a measurable metric of success. They give you another way to connect with your audience. They allow you to more widely disseminate content through Facebook. They're an indication to others of the popularity and relevance of your brand. But you don't always necessarily have to earn them the hard way.

Now, with services like those listed on, you can instantly start growing your likes and seeing the benefits that they have to offer your page. Here, we're going to get specific and see how exactly a Facebook likes package can benefit both your Facebook page and your business in a variety of ways. It's not just about your online marketing, it's about converting likes into real engagement, real traffic, and real sales that help your business succeed.

The Importance Of Likes

Likes on Facebook are more than a cute little way that people can show their appreciation for a post or a page. Think of them as the "social currency" that shows how users are spending their time and what kind of content catches their attention. Organically gaining likes is important, showing you which pages and which content catches the attention of your market.

The News Feed

What's more, the individual user's News Feed is greatly influenced by which pages and which posts they like. Unless they stop pages from showing on their News Feed (which most people don't), getting liked by your potential customers means your future posts are a lot more likely to appear in front of them. This is a form of remarketing, allowing you to remind people of your brand, and to give them offers that they won't be able to resist.

Bought Leading To Organic

The points above highlight some of the benefits of getting organic likes. But what does that have to do with paying for Facebook likes? The truth is that bought likes can easily feed into more quickly growing organic likes. We are all social creatures. We value positive social proof. Positive social proof is the evidence that other people are enjoying or engaged in something that we might be interested in. For instance, if we're walking around and we see a crowd gathered around a specific spot, we're much more likely to check it out. Online, much the same has proven true.

If your audience comes across your business's or brand's fan page and they see that it looks practically like a ghost town, they are less likely to engage with it. However, if they see that there are already plenty of people liking it, then they are much more likely to like it themselves, so long as it appeals to them. When they like it, you get the chance to appear on their news feed. You also get the chance for your brand to spread through their friends, as everyone sees the pages that their Facebook friends like. Buying Facebook likes serves as the beginning of a chain reaction that sees your online audience consistently growing.

Understanding Your Audience

Facebook's analytic tools allow you a much deeper look at the metrics of your page, including an overview of everyone who has liked it. You can see when it becomes more popular, what posts get more likes and even information on the different demographics that make up your audience. All of this allows for a better market understanding that helps you improve how you market your business and the products you sell. As they say, you have to know your audience. Once you set aside the bought likes, you can get an accurate view of who your audience is thanks to Facebook's analytic tools.

Capitalizing On Those Likes

There's a lot of benefit to be earned by simply using likes as an analytical tool along, but that's not necessarily the best application of them. They are the beginning of more than a chain reaction helping you reach even more members of your audience. As mentioned, if your page is liked, then new posts appear on your user's news feed. From here, you can create content that's aimed specifically at getting them to engage with it. Content such as competitions or questions, for instance, can compel them to leave a comment or to share the content, which spreads the brand even further.

Online Likes Into Real Money

The more your site is liked by real people, the more comments and engagement you get, the more your content gets shared and the more that links from your Facebook page get linked, the more opportunities you have to make money. Your Facebook page could be the start of a thorough, effective lead creation strategy. Use Facebook posts to create calls-to-action that encourage your audience to click and visit your website. If you have the high-quality, relevant landing page content, you can see a real increase in sales all thanks to how you make use of Facebook. As mentioned, buying likes is the first step to those sales. Through buying likes, you increase your chances of gaining organic likes, which leads to News Feed appearances, user engagement, wider reach, and, finally, more lead conversions.

Traffic leads to more traffic

Facebook and search engines like Google are an important way of getting traffic to your page, which means more traffic to your content, your website, and perhaps more chances at converting visitors into customers. But how do you get that traffic? A big part of it is by having a bigger audience than anyone else. For instance, if you're a local computer repair company and you're competing with another local computer repair company, imagine someone searches for computer repair in your area. What's going to make you appear more prevalently than your rivals and competitors? Amongst other factors, having a larger audience, as shown by a larger amount of Facebook likes and more traffic, is going to lead to you gaining even more traffic. Whereas if you have no likes, it can be hard to get the ball rolling and have the traffic appeal that gives you the place of prominence.

Building Brand Appeal

We have already mentioned how positive social proof works. People are more likely to try something or to engage with something if they see others working. But it's more than an unconscious mechanism that makes us act similar to those who share our interests. It also informs how we think.

To any online brand, having the right reputation and the right first impression is important. There are a lot of online businesses and brands and your audience will be wary of many of them, often for very good reason. You want to stand above the rest as a legitimate, well-regarded authority in your field or industry.

You're not going to build that reputation if, as said before, your Facebook fan page looks like a ghost town. Buying Facebook likes immediately gives your brand a boost. It makes you look like an authority, listened to by a wider audience. Then when organic users start clicking like and engaging with your content, it gives you the opportunity to live up to that reputation for real. Image is everything, and buying Facebook likes can make sure that your brand has the right image.

Acting On Impulse

Conversely, when a new client or user sees your page for the first time and sees that there are plenty of followers, they are a lot more likely to act on impulses than they might otherwise be. Say, for instance, a potential client goes to your page with the explicit purpose of finding your contact details to get in touch about doing business with you. If they see plenty of likes, they are encouraged to do that, whereas seeing no likes makes them more likely to think twice about it. Instead, they will look for a competitor that seems a little more established and a little more popular.

That popularity is important. People like what's popular because they believe that's how the majority show their consensus. Again, it's partly about trust, but it's also about the sheer power that group-think has amongst markets of all kinds.

Invigorate Your Existing Followers

Perhaps you already have plenty of likes and lots of organic followers who have been with you for some time. But you might seem to have hit your peak when those likes and followers begin to slow down more. That can make it look like you have nowhere to go but down to your existing fans. In those cases, people are more likely to start leaving a page. It begins to stagnate until people start leaving it in freefall or they simply forget about it entirely. Buying likes gives them something of a boost, invigorating them and encouraging them to keep sharing, to keep engaging, and perhaps to keep buying. What's more, it allows you to get closer to milestones. A celebratory post shouting your 200,000th like is likely to make the rounds and cause some waves, giving your users reason not only to revel but also to share, helping grow the audience even further.

It's getting a lot safer

There have been a lot of services selling Facebook likes that haven't done it in the most organic looking way. As a result, many pages have lost visibility due to buying likes and making Facebook suspicious. Services listed on are a lot more careful, however, ensuring that all bought likes are added to the page more safely.

The Numbers Game

Finally, a good reason to buy Facebook likes is simply to pump up the numbers. Crossing a new threshold and having a larger audience is going to get the attention of more people. For instance, having 20,000 likes is going to make the page look better than having 18,000 likes and that can cost as little as $20.

It's A Fast-Forward Button

Growth is important in online business, as mentioned. If it's not sustained, your online presence begins to stagnate. If it's not fast enough, it can be hard to get the momentum to get the kind of brand appeal of sales numbers you need to stay afloat. The organic method is slow to the point it can endanger the page and the business. You have to compete for organic attention and likes. But you can also speed things up drastically.

Empowering Your Ads

Buying likes is just one way of doing that, of course. You can further complement them with paid targeted Facebook ad campaigns that help you connect with new audience members. If you try to use paid target ads without having enough likes, then the message of the ad won't be as effective. By showing you have a large enough audience already, you make it easier for potential customers to be swayed by your ad. Ads can be hugely successful, but they can also be spectacular failures. Avoid the latter. Don't let a low like count sabotage your paid ads.

In Conclusion

Your Facebook fan page is an essential part of your online marketing strategy and bolstering its visibility, its relevance, and its activity with bought likes can have real impacts in boosting your traffic and your sales. We offer fast delivery of a variety of different Facebook likes packages to help meet your specific goals and improve your business at the most competitive prices you're likely to find just about anywhere. What's more, all our likes are totally safe and clean, so your page remains secure.

Just remember that Facebook likes are just the beginning. They are the currency you spend to gain the attention of customers. From there, you produce engaging content and calls-to-action that help you build traffic, convert new sales, and take your brand to all new heights. Buying Facebook likes is one step, but it's the first step: the most important of them all. Take a look at our packages and get in touch if you're ready for bought Facebook likes to take your page to the next level.